Monday, November 9, 2009

my precious little peanut

Hayden Alisa Maurine is my one and only and i can't believe she is already 9 months old! I took her to the doctor last week for her 9 month check-up. She's a healthy little peanut, but she's itty bitty. On the growth charts she is in the 13 percentile for height and the 10th percentile for weight. Each check-up she's dropped lower and lower - 75th, 50th, 25th and now 10th. So her doctor said that he thinks she's fine - she's eating well, pooping well, meeting her milestones - but if she's dropped more at her 1 year check-up it may be a cause for concern. I think she's just gonna be petite. The girl can eat too! She still nurses 4 times a day and her all time fav foods are bananas, applesauce and animal crackers. And i learned yesterday that she loves pop-tarts. i left the pantry open and next thing i knew she was chompin' on a pop-tart.
i took this pic and then confiscated the pop-tart

She gives a big thumbs down to green beans, green peas, squash and corn. She would live on fruit and crackers if I let her and she can put down the Gerber puffs in a serious way. She also eats lots of avocado, sweet potato, carrots and oatmeal. However, I think the only part of her that has gained weight in the past month is her belly button. The babe has an outie, which just cracks me up coming from a family of innies (not posting any pics of my innie though).

major outie
close-up of the outie
profile of the outie

Hayden makes this face when i tell her no-no.
I'm telling her not to touch the potty and she's like "who me?"

Her latest and greatest 9 month old move is standing on her own and she just looks way to tiny to do it. But she's a strong little booger.
Liam at 9 months when he was first standing alone

And Hayden loves Liam. She will laugh and laugh at him doing the silliest things. The other day Will and I heard the two of them just rolling with laughter in our bedroom. We went in there and they were both laying on top of some pillows on the floor just laughing at each other. Seriously the sweetest sound. Here's a video I took tonight of the two of them at bathtime. Not the greatest videography but still sweet.

I love hearing my kids laugh. And Hayden's little toothy grin totally melts me. I love watching her grow and change!

Potty-training update: We resolved the poop issue and Liam was on a roll with pooping and peeing in the potty with rare accidents. Unfortunately we've relapsed. He peed his pants twice yesterday. Then today we had a public incident. Sometimes when we are playing outside or at the park I let him pee in the grass. Well, today that backfired on me. I took him to open-gym at an indoor soccer field. I found him with his pants around his ankles saying "i go pee-pee in the grass". Soccer World was left with some soggy astro-turf.

Always a battle to keep clothes on this kid

I will post more about parenting my sweet 2 year old but let me say a few words. Right now it's exhausting, defeating, frustrating, dumbfounding and almost always hilarious...but only in hind site.


  1. I love to read about your precious children! I wish I could meet Hayden in person! Hopefully I will sometime soon :)

  2. She is SO precious! Great seeing you yesterday... Apparently I missed Liam's "gift" to Soccer World. That's good good stuff!

  3. Ha! Great story a/b the astro-turf!! And I love your sweet videos!

  4. Absolutely precious (and funny)! We miss you all so much!

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  6. Soooo cute! I awarded you the Honset Scrap blog award! Thre's a post on my blog that explains how to participate!!!