Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the Copeland peas

The Copeland family garden is producing a dozen gorgeous pea plants. I am so proud of those little green plants. No produce yet, but we look forward to the day. The lettuce and strawberries are barely hanging on. But at least we have our peas!

the peas

The weather in Rochester has made a major turn since we got back from Little Rock. It's in the 80s pretty much every day now - sometimes barely 90! My kind of temps! Had our first swim in the backyard pool last week. Just glad I didn't have to haul that sucker from Wal-Mart on top of my van this year!
notice Liam's studly summer hair do
I'll say this about our new little town - we may have wretched winters but summer is amazing. Not near the humidity that there is in Arkansas and just enough heat to put on a swimsuit and get a litte sun.

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