Friday, February 16, 2018

Fire at Tenwek

I know many of you have seen the news of the terrible fire here at Tenwek hospital last Friday night.  Thankfully, not one patient or staff member was injured! The hospital staff worked bravely to evacuate the patients and to contain the fire.  However, the hospital suffered extensive damages.  The building housing the kitchen, restaurant, laundry, sterilization, statistics, offices and wound ward was largely destroyed.  Rebuilding efforts are just beginning.  If you want to help with the hospital recovery please go here.

To all of our support team, we deeply appreciate the important role you play in keeping us in Kenya so that we can be present for these moments of crisis and need.  We know you are lifting up Tenwek in your hearts and prayers and we are grateful.  God is with us even in the fire.  

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