Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Time to go

I started writing this a couple days ago from a hotel room in Nairobi, trying to process what's happening.  This past Saturday we drove away from Tenwek Hospital, the place we've come to call home these past two years while a part of the Samaritan's Purse Post-Residency Program.  Several things are weighing heavy on my mind...
Faces and stories of so many patients...
Uncertainty of what will happen to neurosurgery while I'm away...
We made a lot of progress in the OR during these past two years
And joined efforts to improve neurosurgical care country-wide.

This is a photo from a recent course held at Tenwek in which 86 general surgeons and medical officers from 31 of Kenya's 47 counties
(like states) attended.
The hardest part of leaving? Relationships being put on hold...
The surgical department
The clinic
The neuro team
Tomorrow we get on a plane to go back to Arkansas.  As I struggle to walk away from the patients, my hopes for neurosurgery at Tenwek, relationships, and so much more, I'm reminded of two things.  One, I'm not that important.  Tenwek Hospital went on just fine without me and it will continue to this next year while I'm away.  Secondly, God will accomplish His purposes, in His time, regardless of me or what I think needs to be done and when.  In the midst of my uncertainties of walking away, this assurance of His sovereignty is comforting.
"I am God, and there is no other.
I am God, and there is none like me.
Declaring the end from the beginning,
And from ancient times things not yet done.
Saying, 'My counsel will stand,
And I will accomplish all my purpose.'"
Isaiah 46:9,10
We're excited to see many of you in person and have the chance to tell more fully of what we've witnessed God doing at Tenwek. Our time with the Post-Residency Program has come to an end and we are returning to Little Rock, where Alisa and I grew up and both our families still live.  We anticipate being stateside for about a year as we go through the process of applying with World Gospel Mission, Tenwek's long-term mission partner. During these past two years, God has affirmed for our family that this is where He is asking us to serve Him, and so we are eager to take this next step.
We will no longer have financial support from Samaritan’s Purse so we are actively looking to grow our monthly support team.  If you would be interested in being a part of the work at Tenwek, we'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to email us at or  For details on how to support financially each month or to give a one-time gift, visit
If you are already part of our financial support team, please continue to give as you have been through Samaritan’s Purse.  We will continue to have ministry-related expenses while in the U.S. and we are required to be fully-funded before being allowed to return to Tenwek. We will then notify you when things officially changeover.
Thanks again to each of you who have supported us in various ways these past two years.  It has meant more than you know.



  1. Praying for you guys. So excited you’re going back to Tenwek! And looking forward to serving the Lord with you there!

  2. Hey will. Brian Gross. From Mayo residency ENT. What an amazing adventure and act of service. When you return do you have any interest in coming to Virginia for a little while and work on building up a neurosurgery department at the hospital I work in. We have been trying to get a solid foundation. Nowhere near as fulfilling as what you have done