Sunday, April 18, 2010

our first garden

The first ever Copeland family vegetable garden has been planted! Planting this little "garden" was our weekend project. I use the word garden VERY loosely. We have one little raised bed in our backyard that was here when we moved, and I decided that we better not let it go to waste. We are attempting to grow leaf lettuce, summer squash and peas. I'm also going to put a couple of tomato plants in pots. We are excited to see if anything will come of this little venture.
The bed before we started - overgrown with weeds and grass

the bed after - no weeds and fresh soil!

Liam had a good time digging through the dirt and finding worms

Hayden just wanted to crawl in the bed and sit in the dirt

so we put a fence up to keep hayden out...not really...the fence is to keep the dog out

I'm truly not a gardening type of gal. The one or two plants that I've had in my lifetime had a short and wilted existence. But I think it will be a fun experience for Liam to watch the vegetables grow and maybe learn a little something about God's earth and how to take care of plants. I'm keeping my expectations low. We'll see about this...


  1. How very cool! I hope to do this, too someday!

  2. Aw that will be very fun! I wish I could keep plants alive... I always forget about them! haha