Monday, April 12, 2010

i heart spring

oh my goodness, i think i can officially say that spring is here to stay in minnesota land. we have had GORGEOUS weather the past couple of weeks. 60s and 70s. and there is green popping up everywhere. i love spending my days with the windows open and the kids running around in the backyard. liam's already itching for summer though - dying to pull out the plastic pool and eat popsicles. the beautiful thing about minnesota is that there are 4 distinct season. and - all though one particular season is a little longer than it should be - spring, summer and fall are beautiful here!
sprouts that are showing themselves in the beds in front of our house

Easter weekend weather did not disappoint - mild and sunny. Will had to work but i was determined to make Easter traditions happen. So Saturday night the kiddos and I colored eggs.

hayden wanted so badly to be in on the egg coloring action
the look on liam's face says it all: are you seriously going to let her help with this?

The Easter bunny came the next morning and hid the kids' baskets full of treats. Liam was totally pumped about finding his basket and Hayden just liked watching him. (didn't really get a pic of the baskets becuase i was videoing for will to see later)

Hayden was content to shake an egg full of jelly beans and Liam ate every piece of candy he could get his hands on. I decided since it was a holiday I'd let him have at it.

Then we rallied and got ourselves ready for church. Getting out the door for church by myself with the kids is truly an act of God sometimes. We were a little tardy but still made it!
dressed and ready!

I picked Liam up from Bible class and he said, "Mom! (he's been calling me mom lately) Did you know Jesus died on the cross?! And then he went in a tomb?" I asked him what happened after that and he couldn't remember. Maybe next year he'll catch the end of the story. It's the best part.

After church our sweet friends the Grosses had us over for a delish lunch and an easter egg hunt. Thanks Beth!

Ellis and Miller Gross - checking out their loot from the egg hunt with the Copelands

Liam took this egg-hunting business seriously
his face after his second massive intake of candy

In the afternoon we went to yet another Easter egg hunt at the Fermins' house. Love them! Thank you Brooke! And Liam enjoyed a third round of Easter candy. Seriously, i cannot tell you how much candy that kid ate on Easter. I think I might get a red mark by my name in parenting class for that one.
hayden - overwhelmed with the Easter madness!

Luke, Hayden, Samuel and Liam

Happy Easter! We miss you daddy!

our family week-after-Easter pic that we took this past Sunday when Will was off (Will looks like a pirate)

The next couple days after Easter were cool, windy and drizzly. But Liam was determined to draw with the sidewalk chalk that the Easter bunny brought.
look closely and you can see a little tear on hayden's left cheek. the wind was crazy that day!

i think liam is immune to all weather elements - if he wants to do something outside, darn it, he's gonna do it, even if tears are running down his face from the wind

We've been packing away our winter gear and pulling out spring clothes. I like to find one great pair of shoes for the kids to wear through the spring and summer. This year i got Liam some Keens and Hayden some Crocs. Love them both - shoes and kids.
super model
the Keens

the Crocs
Hayden's wondering why i put shoes on her first thing in the morning. i ordered them online and was excited when they were delivered!

I had a sweet friend from my Bible study loan me a bunch of spring clothes for Hayden. a HUGE money saver! I feel like I'm shopping in Gymboree when I open her closet now. Here's a few of her latest:
new jacket
new dress (a little too "Little House on the Prairie" for Will)
pink overalls, presh
new suit that i bought her - but way to0 hard to get over her head so it's going back to the store. bummer cause she looks adorable. keeping the hat though!

i pulled out some of liam's old pj's that fit her now. so funny to see her wear things that he used to wear. Here's Liam, same age:
and here's liam sportin his new suit. he put his hat on backwards and said, "do i look like pops?" Will's dad wears his hat backwards sometimes i guess. funny what Liam picks up on.

Yesterday was so beautiful that the kids and I pulled a table onto the deck and ate supper - chicken and broccoli pizza was on the menu.
I'm so thankful that spring is here and the kids and I can get out of the house! I'm also thankful for my two babies and a husband that was home all weekend! I can't tell you how much I needed those two days with him! Some days are a struggle, but God is continuing to provide for us on this little journey to minnesota. Next project on the list...plant a vegetable garden. yeesh...i can't believe i just typed that...i'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. What a precious family you have!! I can't believe how much your kids look like you both. Liam is a carbon copy of Will and Hayden looks just like you. Don't you love genes? Beautiful kids, just like their parents.

    I have to tell you that (as your former teacher, SO long ago!) I am beyond impressed with your blog. You are a fabulous writer and your brutal honesty is a thing of beauty. So refreshingly heartbreaking at times, but very real and appreciated. You must have your camera with you at all times! I love how you always have a picture to illustrate each story. You even found that pic of Liam to go along with Hayden's "new" jammies! Wonderful.

    Keep up the great work! And there will be no "red marks" next to your name from this teacher... ;-)