Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspired by preschool

I've returned to blogging, inspired by Liam's first day of preschool.  My first-born started preschool today!  Several people have asked me if I am teary or sentimental and, honestly, I'm not!  We've been talking about him going to school all summer and he's been super excited about it.  He's so independent and ready to jump right into everything with gusto.  If you've met Liam even once, you know what I mean.  So his gusto makes it easier to let him go.  He is so ready.  He is a social dude and also loves to learn.  It will also be good time for me and the girls to be together. The days that Liam is in school will be good opportunity for Hayden to rule the roost a little bit.  Under the queen's authority of course.  :)

Liam will be in school all day Monday and half a day Wednesday.  On Mondays he will go to school in the morning, stay for lunch and then Junior Gym in the afternoon.  It will be a full day from 9 to 3.  Then on Wednesdays he will just do school in the morning and come home at 11:30.  

We took the token first-day-of-school picture before we left this morning and Liam squeezed in a bike ride. (He started riding on two-wheels a couple of weeks ago!) He's in a fleece because it was in the forties this mornig!!

I don't think I was fully prepared for the stress of getting to school on time.  I felt like, "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, we can't be late, we can't be late, we can't be late.  If we are late the teacher will think I am a bad parent who can't even get her kid to school on time and then she will have negative feelings about my child and then his first day of school wont be perfect and if it's not perfect then he may not like school and if he doesn't like school then his learning will be stunted and I will never forgive myself for ruining his education just because I was late!!!!!!!!!"  All the while, I am trying to act like I'm totally chill so that Liam will be relaxed about going to school too.  Ahk!  I really like his school but the parking lot and hallways are nuts in the morning.  And they don't have drop-off so I have to cart H & H in with me.  The school is only about 5 minutes away but I buffered about 15 extra minutes to be safe.  Even with the extra time Liam walked in at 9:04 with one minute to spare before 9:05 circle time!!  Ahk!

The kids were asked to bring their favorite stuffed animal this morning.  Liam chose his ground hog that Pops gave him.  He hung his back pack and jacket up and walked right into his classroom with his ground hog and all the confidence in the world.  Love that boy.  He's one in a million.
Here he is home from school.  He was pumped about wearing his new tiger shirt to school.  

Liam only had good things to say about his day so I think it was a great start!  He told me about all the stuffed animals that the other kids had brought.  He had crackers for a snack and played with his friend Lucas at recess.  He came home with a handful of pictures that he had colored, "for his dad" he said.  Very sweet but what about me?  Didn't I walk through fire to get you to school this morning?  :)

Cherishing these days...

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  1. Oh, Alisa. So, so, so, so precious. I'm beginning to wish Sam was in school this year!! A day and a half (or even 2 half days) with just the younger two would be nice for everyone, including Sam. But, then again, Rubes might get more authoritarian than she already is. :)
    Your description of getting to school on time was cracking me up! Stinky that there is no drop off! Carting everyone inside takes so long.
    Loved the update! And I love you!