Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Happy New Year everyone! It's time to resolute.

1. Revive the Copeland story blog - check
(1b.  keep blog alive...watch and see)

2.  Read my Bible every day.
(no reading plan, just opening the Word and keeping it simple)

3. Consume less - meaning spend less, use less, waste less, and of course eat less.
(I know this is kind of vague.  Therefore, no one will be able to hold me accountable to it.)

4. Let my parenting/wifeing be defined by LISTENING and LOVING.

(as opposed to tuning-out and being irritated - anyone else feeling me on this one?)  

5.  Organize my closets.  
(This is one from last year that I'm rolling over.)

And I'll stop there.

We had a family New Years party this year.

The invite list:
Lucy (dog)
Moses (cat)

Liam is all about some exclusive family time, like his dad.  The kids chose dinner for the occasion so we had hotdogs and mac-n-cheese.  We played a little Wii (the hot Christmas gift from my parents) and talked about our favorite memories from 2011.

Liam said his favorite memory was what we were doing that night -  playing the Wii and eating popcorn.

Hayden said holding baby Jesus.

This was at a birthday party for Jesus that a friend of mine hosted at our church before Christmas.  Harper tried to escape the manger.

I said Harper Claire's birth and bringing her home for the first time had to be my #1.

Will said his favorite memory was the same as mine.  So typical.

We also all agreed that flying to Texas for Uncle Ellis (Will's brother) and Aunt Heather's wedding was on our fav list too. (Liam was the ring bearer and Hayden one of the flower girls.)

We toasted with sparkling grape juice at 9:00 (preschool midnight) and tucked most of the party guests in bed.  Then Will and I partied it up til midnight.  Actually, we watched a movie and then at 11:45 I washed my face so that I could get in bed right after the ball dropped.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2012!

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