Wednesday, January 11, 2012

9 months

Nine months ago sweet Harper Claire entered this world.  I'm telling you, this girl is precious.  

And where in the world did she get those blue eyes?  She stands alone in our family with those eyes.  Someone asked the other day where her blue eyes came from and Liam said, "The mailman."  We've got to stop telling that joke in front of him.

Here's a look back at my other babies' pictures from the same age.
Hayden at 9 months old (please excuse the hiney in the background)
Harper at 9 months old
Liam at 9 months (he's been intense from the day he was born)
Harper 9 months

Harper is an easy baby.  Loves to nurse, loves to eat, loves to sleep, loves to play.  She LOVES Liam and laughs at everything he does.  Hayden tries to make her laugh but mainly just irritates her.  Harper is crawling and pulling up on everything.  She is busy busy, into everything and finds every little speck on the floor to put in her mouth (and there are lots of specks).  Her favorite things to go for are Liam's Squinkies.  If you don't know, Squinkies are these squooshy rubber action figures about the size of a baby's airway.  Thanks for that gift Nini.  Here's a perfect shot from today:

Harper has a radar for them and the minute Liam pulls them out she b-lines for them.  Captain America has gone missing. Something tells me he'll show up in a diaper in the next 24 hours.  I'll keep you posted...

I'm loving being at home with my kids.  Three is a lot, I'm not gonna lie.  Time to myself is close to zero.  The house is mostly dirty and there's not enough of me to go around.  Suddenly I feel sentimental about my days at home with them because my oldest baby is going to kindergarten in the fall!  It can't be time already!  Have I done enough?  Will he be a good boy without me looking over his shoulder?  Does he know that he's loved by his mom, dad, and God no matter what other kids say or what grades he gets?  I told Will last night we better bring our A-game in parenting this summer.  So that's the plan...  

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