Friday, January 27, 2012

Pinkalicious Tea Party

Hayden turned three today!  We celebrated this morning with a Pinkalicious Tea Party.  It was pinkerific!  Lots of pinktastic pictures.
the invitation
dressed to party
where's the food?
Pink, pink, pink!
these poms poms took every ounce of craftiness I could muster
thank you Martha Stewart
The menu:  raspberry sorbet with raspberries, pink wafer cookies,
 pink vanilla dipped strawberries and dipped marshmallows
tea time...or pink lemonade time
dramatic reading of Pinkalicious 
My favorite line, "You get what you get and you don't get upset!"
a little crafting
decorating pink crowns
Pinkalicious has a brother named Peter so the brothers at the party decorated Peter hats 
sweet Stella 
Stella, Evie and Hayden

Evie playing dress-up 
Pinkerific family
New clothes from Pops and Nana
gift from Momma Jo and Grandad - love the pajamas! 
Magnadoodle from Mommy and Daddy
Thanks Mom and Dad!
Sandwich set from Drew.  And Liam was trying to give her a picture he colored for her.  Sweet brother. 
Let's make cupcakes!


 Happy Birthday to Hayden

Drew - a fellow Pinkalicious fan
The girls had fun playing with princess paper dolls that Stella gave Hayden.
party favors
the boys wore their pink with pride

Yay! We survived! 
3 years old!!
Thank you to Drew, Evie and Stella for celebrating Hayden's special day with her.  We dedicate our tea party today to Mimi who introduced us to Pinkalicious!  Thank you Mimi for your generous gifts and for always thinking of us!


  1. Hayden looks like she had a super good time! And I love that the boys sported their pink apparel. :)

  2. How come you're the coolest Mom ever?? Such a CUTE party! I love all the pictures. My favorite is you and Will. And Liam joining right in in his pink shirt. And giving Hayden his special coloring sheet.
    You all look so happy. Please move to Nashville one day so we can have b-day parties with cousins. :) Love you!