Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Minnesota Christmas

Truly sometimes I still think, "I can't believe we live in Minnesota."  We celebrated our third Minnesota Christmas this year.  Time flies...sorta.  
 We actually did not have a white Christmas this year!  We've barely had snow so far this winter.  These are pics from a dusting we got in early December that melted off shortly after.

I can't believe Hayden fits in this snowsuit.  We bought this for Liam our first winter here. 

 Our tree.  We went fake this year.  No regrets.
 Liam and Dad after Liam's pre-school Christmas program.  He was the best one.  And I'm not prejudice.  
pretty girl 
 another pretty girl
 Visit to Santa.  Liam asked for a Spiderman Squinkie dispenser.  Hayden asked for dolls like Ruby.  She was so brave.  And if there's a Santa, this dude is it.
 tiny baby Jesus
 Sisters exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve - Hayden gave Harper bath toys and Harper gave Hayden Pinkalicious dress-up shoes
 Pops and Nana were here!! Liam had just opened his gift from Harper - super hero cape and mask.  He liked it.  :)  This picture was taken right before we left for our Christmas Eve service at church.  Let's just say Liam and candlelight services are not the best combo.   
 Decorating cookies for Santa
 Hayden and Nana
 Hanging stockings
 Christmas morning
 Santa pulled through
Baby's first Christmas
 Harper's first stocking
 the girls
 Stockings for the grown-ups
 Kinda crazy that we are the Mom and Dad at Christmas now.  If I could choose between being the Mom or being the kid at Christmas I would choose.... I don't know...the kids have it pretty stinkin' good...ok fine... the Mom.  
 Harper's big gift from Santa
post Christmas tea party - thanks Mimi (Will's grandmother) for the tea set!

This was the year of electronics at our house.  My parents gave us a Wii, and Will's parents gave Liam a Leapster.  I should have saved my money.  Liam thought the bucket of Legos we got him was totally lame.  He was, however, totally stoked about the Angry Birds t-shirt we gave him.  What is it with Angry Birds?  Hayden's favorite gift was this little Hello Kitty bag with a necklace and two lip glosses that Will's parents gave her. She didn't like at all the totally awesome leg warmers I got her.  :(  But the Big Sister Dora doll we gave her was a hit.  I got some leg warmers for Harper and she rocks them.  

It really was a great Christmas.  My top 3 favorite moments:
We celebrated advent as a family and I love those quiet moments of family time - talking, singing and reading scripture.  
The kids and I made treats for our Bible class teachers and pre-school teachers, and I love the excitement on the kids' faces when they get to give someone else a gift.  
And I love sitting back on Christmas morning and just taking it all in - the fruits of my labor!  Totally worth all the work and preparation.   

And this was the picture that was on our Christmas card that never got sent out.  Oops!  Merry Christmas from the Copeland family!!

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  1. Alisa Maurine,
    Your three top moments made me cry! I am so proud of you! I see God's Spirit in you! What a good mama you are. You come from a good one!! I love you! Aunt Maurine