Sunday, January 22, 2012

big girl bed

Hayden moved up to a big girl bed this weekend!  She was super excited to be in a bed like Bubba's.  She had been complaining that her covers were falling of her in her toddler bed.  When she started waking me up in the middle of the night to tell me so, I decided she needed an upgrade.
Having a "sleepover"
Liam and Hayden sleep in twin beds that used to be Will and his brother's.  Hayden looks so cute tucked in that big bed.  She will be 3 years old this week! My sweet middle child.  Most of the time she's scared to try new things but wants to do everything her brother does.  Tonight Liam cheered her on as she cleaned his whole room.  Bless her heart.

September 2011

November 2011

She has a deep love for shoes, juice, mac-n-cheese, lip gloss, and her mom.  She's a pleaser, helper and whiner.  She cries everyday when she doesn't get more juice and complains everyday that her underwear bothers her.
A little lip gloss
April 2011
Queen of taking her time
May 2011

She's very sensitive and intuitive.  Yesterday she peed on the floor in her room.  When I found it an hour or so later I was NOT happy.  I was storming around the house to get paper towels to clean it up.  She looks up at me with her giant brown eyes and says, "Mommy are you mad?"  She does that all the time!!  And the answer is "YES!  I am mad.  Quit peeing on the dang carpet!"  But instead I  said through clenched teeth, "Mommy is not happy with you right now."  And right away she said, "I'm sorry Mommy."  And then came the waves of guilt for being angry over a little pee on the carpet.  
Killer brown eyes
June 2011
Hayden and Harper
July 2011
She's still working on her big sister skill with Harper.  She loves her, but is surprisingly too rough with her.  She's starting to get frustrated with Harper for picking up her toys or crawling into her space.  Let the games begin.

Hayden talks alot but can be hard to understand.  She struggles with consonants - mixes them up or just doesn't say them.  Example:  "mommy can I have a gink and a gack."  would be her asking for a drink and a snack.  We had her speech evaluated last month.  The speech therapist said that she is above average in her vocabulary but barely in the average range for annunciation.  She said we shouldn't worry too much yet but suggested trying to pick key words to work on especially when she's asking for things.  Already in the past month we've noticed her annunciating more.
August 2011
Right now she's into coloring, doing puzzles, and reading Pinkalicious over and over and over.  She loves to run errands and go shopping so most of the time she's my little sidekick.  Love my Hayden Alisa.  We are planning to have a little birthday celebration this week.  I asked her who she wanted to invite.  She thought about it and said "Liam."  More to come... 
November 2011

Update on Captain America:  He was discovered under the couch.  Spared the misfortune of Harper's diaper.

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