Friday, March 9, 2012

Tickets, please! Tickets!

I'm in the process of establishing a ticket system at the Copeland house.  Do a chore - earn a ticket.  Show kindness - earn a ticket.  Obey right away - earn a ticket.  I'm easy to please and give freely.  :)  The tickets can be redeemed for screen time (tv, Wii, Leapster) or saved to be spent at what I'm calling "The Momma Store".  The Momma Store's grand opening is tomorrow and will only be open on Saturdays.  The shelves will be stocked with random garbage that children like - suckers, bubble gum, $1 prizes.  Pictures of big ticket items will also be on display - movie night, date with Dad, McDonalds trip, game rental.  Personally I'm saving up for the date with Dad.

This was inspired in big part by the constant bombardment of Liam asking to play the Wii ALL DAY LONG.  I can't take it anymore.  Opening day of the system was brought on by Liam waking me up at 6:30 am saying, "Mom, can I play the Wii?  Mom, I'm ready to get up so can I play the Wii?  I never got to today."  That's because it's 6:30 in the morning crazy-face.  That's not what I actually said.  Here's what was actually said.
Me: Liam, starting today you can only play the Wii if you pay me a ticket.
Liam (with big eyes and raised eyebrows):  But how do I get a ticket?
Me:  You earn them.
Liam (with a slightly more intense tone):  But how do I earn them?
Me:  Well, you do things around the house that are helpful.
Liam (almost yelling):  Like what?
Me:  Like get dressed in the morning. (an easy one)
Liam (yelling with glee): I GOT DRESSED!! 
He realized he had just scored.  This is basically a hand out for Liam because he pops out of bed at full speed every morning and is dressed in 5 seconds.   So I promptly handed over a ticket.  I told him he could also put his pajamas in the hamper and brush his teeth and he whizzed through those tasks for two more tickets.  I explained the whole system and when I told him about the Momma Store he was very intrigued.  However, he has no will power to save tickets.  In the first day he earned 7 tickets and spent 7 tickets.  Sweet Hayden was playing along with us too.  She earned 4 tickets and spent none of them.  Classic.  
earning tickets putting silverware away
Liam is super in to earning tickets right now.   We have made a shift from the never ending question of "Can I play the Wii?" to "Can I have a ticket?"  Still driving me a little crazy but at least spurring little hands on to be productive.  I'll keep you posted on the Momma Store's grand opening.  

Here's where I got the idea:

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  1. Our boys are SO much alike!! The Wii is definitely Caleb's favorite thing right now, too- he would play all day long if he could!

    Love the ticket idea, may just have to steal it!