Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big boo boo and spring in MN

Harper suffered a bloody injury today.  It was 9:45 and I was running late getting ready for church.  I was supposed to teach Liam's Bible class at 10:30.  Will was at work.  I was putting my make-up on for church when I heard a loud cry and walked out into the living room to see blood dripping down Harper's head and face.  This picture doesn't really do the moment justice.
I didn't know where all the blood was coming from and I was trying not to freak out.  Apparently Hayden had rammed Harper with her metal shopping cart.  And Hayden has had a bad track record with being too rough with her little sister.  I was saying, "Oh Hayden!!!! What have you done!!  Do you see this blood!!"  I was trying to take a picture of Harper's head to send to Will and I accidently got this one of Hayden.  She was obviously remorseful for her offense.  
Will looked at the picture I sent him and of course said it was fine and not to worry about it.  I was thinking, "you may be a neurosurgeon but I'm a mom and someone needs to look at her!"  But we went on to church with Harper looking like a head banger.
And she of course was fine and didn't skip a beat.
I still went by the hospital after church just so Will could lay eyes on her and give me a more official word that she didn't need a stitch or two.  

In other news... it's spring in Minnesota!  I love spring here.  It was a mild winter this year but spring is still so refreshing.  I never appreciated the four seasons until I moved here.  A little spring action...
Como Zoo in the cities

building train tracks on the deck
 a little spring wardrobe
 walk to McDonalds for ice cream.  Hayden sporting her new Crocs.
 fuzzy head Harper
 swimming lessons at the Y...Instagram pic
 sisters eating cheerios

Harper playing with the very weapon that took her down today
 Liam wears this shirt every day that he posssibly can regardless of the weather.
"The Thing" is his favorite.  ??
Easter bunny at the grocery store.  Liam was the only one excited and Hayden kept a safe distance at all times.
the Momma store...The kids aren't really saving up tickets for dates with Dad or movie nights.  In this picture Liam bought a plastic snake and two Airheads.  So guess what Hayden bought...  she didn't go for the cute little pink pot with the daisy seeds inside or the animal coloring book.  She got a rubber spider and two Airheads.  

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  1. Love the photos Alisa, your family are so cute and you look fabulous. Your Kiwi pal, Alexandra xxx