Thursday, May 24, 2012

the graduate

Liam is a preschool graduate! One of the first of many milestones that he will accomplish in his school years.  We give Kingdom Kids Preschool two thumbs up.  His teachers were fantastic and did a great job praising and correcting him.  (I was glad to not be the only one doing the praising and correcting everyday. Worth the cash dished out!)  He looked forward to going everyday and learned a lot.  A great first step into his school years!
 love this booger
mine's that studly kid wearing the orange shirt in the middle
 a little singing...Liam was the best one...and I'm not biased
 diploma time
 support from the sisters
 funny paper grad hat they passed out after graduation
 a little refreshment after the grueling 1/2 hour ceremoney :)
 Liam and his classmate Lucas
big hug for his teacher Mrs. Kehl

Liam is a super sharp kid and approaches school (and life) with gusto.  Mrs. Kehl praised him on his eagerness to learn and positive attitude. (valedictorian material if you ask me.)  The assistant teacher, Mrs. Patterson, said he always came to school with a smile on his face.  I love to hear good things said about him.  It makes me think... ok, I can push him out of the nest a little and he won't crash.  Time to push him out a little more into kindergarten.  

In September he will step into the world of public school and start kindergarten at Washington Elementary.  He will go half days Monday through Friday.  That is if we can survive the summer together.  Battle of the wills continues on with this child.  I can tell you how it ends.... I WILL WIN.  I've got some serious parenting strategies up my sleeve...prayer, prayer, and a little more prayer.  Watch out child...  

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  1. congrats, Liam ... and Mom!!! good work! love the singing! love you all!! Aunt Pam ....