Saturday, June 20, 2009

liam's loves

liam has two great loves these days. #1 above all else is lawn mowers. he wakes up talking about lawn mowers and he goes to bed talking about lawn mowers. he and his daddy mowed the grass all day today. front yard in the morning, backyard in the afternoon - liam's dream day. we have a monster hill in our backyard and he will push his lawn mower up and down that hill like he's on a mission. and when will mows, liam is right behind him every step of the way. you'd think it would wear him totally out but when they're done he's ready to do it all over again. he likes to show his lawn mower off to the neighbors too. there are 3 little girls whose backyard backs up to ours - iya, yasmine and miriam. liam and the girls like to talk across the fence. i'm not sure what they talk about but i'm guessing that liam's talking about his lawn mower. when i put liam to bed tonight i asked him what he did today. he said "mow grass." then i said, "and did you weed eat?" and he sad, "yes, i dih-yed" in his little raspy southern voice. by the way, he's doing much better about sleeping in his new bed...or at least sleeping near it. sometimes i check on him before i go to bed and he's sprawled out sound asleep in the middle of his floor. at least he's asleep!

mowing the hill with daddy

sweaty little head after a hard day of mowing

#2 on liam's love list is hayden. it's so fun to watch him come into his role as a big brother. he is just starting to be interested in playing with her. and surprisingly he's not too rough. liam's famous for his "hands" on approach to playing. he went through a phase where he would narrate his moves as he did them. "HIT!" "KICK!" "PUSH!" he hasn't pulled his signature wrestling move on hayden yet either. he lays down on his belly and then flops over on his back right on top of his opponent. pretty sweet move. i'm sure it's just a matter of time. but right now he's really just interested in her, wants to touch her and talk to her like mommy does. he'll get down next to her and say "awwwwww" and "hi hayd." here's a little video of them playing:

(having trouble getting it to upload...will try again later)

it won't be long before hayden's up and moving with some signature moves of her own.

she's getting close to sitting up! oh i love this girl! sometimes i look at my kids and i think, "i can't believe that they're mine." God has blessed me so much through them and i'm so thankful for them. they bring so much joy to my life and my heart is SO full of love for them. and i'm so proud of them, not because of anything they've done but just because they are who they are. they are a precious gift.


  1. Your MIL pointed us to your blog. Love the pics, & Liam mowing right behind Will is just like Patrick used to do with Jimmy! Made me tear up. Hope you're adjusting well to life up North. Glad you're blogging so we can keep with y'all. Love, "Ms" Andee

  2. That Hayden! What a precious doll. Love that face in the last pic. She looks like she's gaining a little chub. Too cute!
    I wish I could hear Li-man talk. Sam, as you know, also says "di-yed"; his new one is "didu-dunt", as in "no I didu-dunt."
    I'm so impressed with Liam mustering up his gentle side for his little sister! So glad she'll have him to look out for her. Love you and miss you!