Thursday, June 11, 2009

journey to the north

helloh there from rochester minnesohta. i say that with the best northern accent i can muster...actually that's not true...i'm going to hold on to my southern drawl with all that i have for the next 7 years. so let me start over...

HEY Y'ALL! this is a little blogspot that i'm dedicatin' to my momma. she told me i should do one so here it is. for momma, daddy, and all my besties that won't forget where i live now, here's a copeland story.

me and will. the short story. high school sweethearts. i kinda gave will the run around, but he somehow put up with dating me for 5 years. now we've been married for 5 years and have two awesome kids. together we've been through highschool, college, medical school and now our journey to the north for will's residency. this picture is a perfect example
of us. here's what we're both thinking.
alisa: woo hoo! yeah will!
you're my husband!! you graduated from medical school and now you're gonna be a big fat neuro surgeon! i have to kiss you right here and now to demonstrate my extreme pride and joy!
will: "oh no, everyone's watching. i really love alisa but she's breaking the perimeter. i will tense every muscle in my body to make sure this does not go any further. i don't want anyone to know that i'm a doctor. just call me will."

so after this momentous graduation day, we moved our little family all the way to rochester, minnesota. let me say it again: ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA. i'm paranoid that no one will ever remember what happened to us.

this is the pic we took in front of our house the day we FINALLY arrived in rochester, june 1st 2009. we had to stop so much i think we would have been faster on foot. the 12 hour drive from little rock to rochester took us 16 hours. together, with the help of will's family (dear Lord, thank you for billy, sandy and ellis! amen), we brought a honkin' moving truck, a mini-van, a sweet hatchback, 2 kids, 2 cats, and a dog. somehow we all made it. a few pics of our first days...

eating pizza in our new drive way (hayden, 4 mon., liam 2 yrs.)

liam's saying "CHEESEBURGER!", hayden's not saying much yet.

sandy and pops with the kiddos, one final pic before the tearful goodbye

see the scab on top of liam's head? he ran into the corner of the moving truck.
anyone surprised? my sweet little wild boy.

hayden (4 months old) eating rice cereal for the first time

mmmmm...she likey

hayden loves the exersaucer

today we took a picnic to one of the many awesome public parks in rochester. they're beautiful, so clean and well kept. we've been wearing long sleeves because it's been in the 50s here this week! the 50s in june! not a good sign for the winter to come...

will munchin' some cheetos, enjoying his last days of freedom

liam's really into juice boxes these days. can't go wrong with motts for tots apple juice.

sweet little pink tights

umm...seriously? so cute.

so this is my first blog post. feeling pretty good about it. more to come...


  1. Alisa~ I love your new blog! I am a big blog reader, so now I can read about your sweet family! And don't worry...we won't forget you:)

    Aunt Cheri

  2. so excited that you guys made it up there. we haven't forgotten about you yet. btw, alisa, you're hilarious. lookin forward to more to come...

  3. Alisa, I saw on your Facebook that you have a blog so I had to check it out! I am so glad we can follow what you guys are up to way up there. Hayden is getting so BIG! The kiddos are both so precious.

  4. So glad you have a blog! Wonderful first post. Liam is a cutie, and little Hayden has the prettiest eyes! Wish we could have gotten our Moms and More group together one more time! Excited about keeping up with you though...
    Jennifer Glasgow

  5. Oh, and tell Lexia she needs a blog too! :)

  6. Love the blog!! I cracked up at the description of the graduation pic. The kids look precious! We miss you so much!!

  7. I plan on blogstalking glad you are blogging! :)

  8. I will never forget you Alisa MAURINE!! I am so excited about following your blog. Liam and Hayden are adorable!!!

    Aunt Maurine