Sunday, June 14, 2009


oh my son. we decided that when we moved to rochester we would start putting liam in a big boy bed. we had borrowed an extra crib from mom when hayden was born and wanted to just leave it when we moved. liam's new bed is really a pretty adorable toddler bed that we ordered from wal-mart.

and liam must think it's pretty adorable too because he rarely closes his eyes when he's near it! that boy hasn't taken a nap in 4 days. and if you have a two year old you know that naptime is a PRECIOUS time of day. plus he's been waking up at the crack of dawn, usually 5:45. part of the prob i think is that there is an abundance of daylight hours here in minnesota. the sun doesn't even set until 9 and it rises at like 4:45. so until i can get some heavy duty shades for his window we hung a quilt over his window...but i'm not really sure it's helping. (by the way, the cute little toddler quilt with his name on it is courtesy of will's grandma, jo ann. thanks momma jo!) fortunately will doesn't start work for another couple of weeks so i've been giving him the joy of spending those early morning hours with his son. i keep telling him, "you're gonna miss this. you're gonna want this back. you're gonna wish these days (pause) hadn't gone by so fah-ast."

hayden is sleeping like a pro these days. (i will post some pics of her room and the rest of the house later.) she's taking 3 good naps a day (about an 1.5-2 hours), then goes to bed at 7 and only gets up once around 4 am to nurse and sleeps til 7/7:30. love my life. she and i both took a big honkin' nap after church today. can't beat a sunday afternoon nap.

hayden and i feeling very well rested

liam prefers playing outside with lucy over naps

here's a little precious moment from today:

love my kids. and miss my mom and dad...

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