Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a friend for dragon and other stories

Liam has a book called "A Friend for Dragon". It's about a little blue dragon who lives alone and gets lonely so he goes out looking for a friend. Dragon meets several different animals and asks "will you be my friend?". He ends up becoming friends with an apple and the story goes on. It dawned on me today, I totally relate to dragon!! I feel like I'm walking around meeting people going "will you be my friend?, will YOU be my friend?" and i think right now i would even be friends with an apple. :)

My camera is having issues so I have no pictures. I will just tell a few little stories from this week.

We were invited to our first birthday party last Thursday. One of the girls in my Bible study has a daughter that was turning one. It was a group of 5 families, all Mayo people. Will had to work so I braved it alone. Sadly I was the only one that showed with no husband. It was a little insane. Liam was running circles around the other kids and he kept wanting to play by the grill because there was a basketball goal mounted on the side of the garage by the grill. Hayden was starving so I was trying to feed her oatmeal which she was spewing out all over me. I literally had oatmeal dripping on my eyelashes, running after Liam who was running after the basketball that was bouncing towards the burning grill. Then I was nursing Hayden and Liam was grabbing whole bratwursts off of the food table with his greebie hands. Wow, so we had to eat cake and hit the road. A fun time had by all.

A couple days ago Liam was playing with his barrel of monkeys. He was lining up all the monkeys on the couch and talking to them, mostly jibber jabber, but I heard him say, "hi guys." I said "what did you say?" He said, "hi guys!" I said, "no, no baby. It's 'hey y'all. can you say 'hey y'all'?" "HEY Y'ALL!" he said. He WILL be southern!!!

Yesterday Liam woke up from his nap on the wrong side of the bed. He was rolling around on the floor, fussing and whining about nothing, and so I was just trying to make conversation with him to get his mind off of his crabbiness. I asked him, "Do you love Mommy?" "No," he said, of course. This continued on. "Do you love Daddy?" "No." "Do you love Hayden?" "No." "Do you love Lucy?" "No." So then I asked, "Well then who do you love?" And Liam said, "umm...Grandad." (Grandad is what Liam calls Warlick, Will's mom's dad.) An apology to all of Liam's other grandparents.

We were at the park yesterday and there was a little boy, about 9 months old, sitting next to Hayden in the grass. The little boy was touching Hayden's arm and trying to crawl over her. When Liam saw him he went over there, moved the little boys hands and told him no. It was pretty cute. Big brother watching out for his sister.

Hayden is crawling!! She officially started on Monday, the 10th. She get's up on her hands and knees, moves one hand and knee forward, kinda pushes her body forward and goes back to her belly, then does it again. It's not a full out turbo speed crawl (like Liam did pretty much out of the womb) but she get's where she needs to go.

Liam's lion chair has seen it's last days. He had peed on it a number of times and Febreez was no longer masking the smell. I know, that's disgusting. I was feeling like a bad mom letting him sleep on it. Plus the stuffing was falling out. We bought the good ol' lion chair at a garage sale for $1 but the joy it brought to Liam was priceless. :) So today we went to Wal-Mart to find something cheap to replace it. We decided on this Lightning McQueen fold out chair. I ran downstairs and got a picture with Will's phone of Liam asleep on it. (yes that's Liam under the pillow.) I don't know why we even have the toddler bed anymore.

One of the semi-stressful parts of moving is finding a new person to do your hair! I know it's just hair, but I had Brenda cut my hair for 15 years in Little Rock! I'm getting it cut tomorrow with a new girl. First haircut in Minnesota. I hope it goes well...I'll post pictures of the cut...good or bad.


  1. I know exactky how you feel about the friend thing...we have lived in fayetteville, NC for almost 3 years and we still don't have very is so HARD when you are used to your lifelong buds back home. and in our case, everyone else seems to be military, so we don't necessarily fit in!...hang in there! love your blog..your kiddos are precious!

  2. alisa, I have felt that way on our last 2 moves. I would walk around publix thinking, "Is that lady with kids gonna be my friend and I just not know it yet?" :) i would think "will you be my friend?" ALL OVER orlando...but the problem was they were all on vacation (close to my house). So the answer was probably, "sure, for the about Disney?" :)

    Is there a MOPS group there? I highly recommend MOPS. :)
    You can check their website for a local group with your zipcode.

    And also the hair thing...its true...i never found one in gainesville or orlando that I loved. Its a hard thing to find...but once you do, you're set! Good luck.

    LOVE the blog. :) Wish we could hang out (I know I say that every comment.).

  3. Alisa...I will be your friend!!! Your blog about being friends with an apple made me sad! You know I am always here for you!!

  4. Alisa~I'm missing your blog! Hope everything is OK...Love you! Aunt Cheri

  5. Hi Alisa! I didn't know you had a blog, but I LOVE it! I found it from The Yellow Desk. Do you know about The Yellow Desk, you should check her out. :) I miss you so much.

  6. I miss your blog and I miss you! You make me laugh!