Wednesday, August 5, 2009

liam funnies

I don't want to forget these funny little two-year-old things that Liam says...

We've been working on counting and if I really get him to concentrate he can count to ten (with a little help and guidance). Otherwise when he counts things on his own it's always "6, 7, 9, 6, 7, 9" he points to whatever he's counting with his big huge thumbs.

Since we've moved and made the transition to his toddler bed Liam has made his own transition from his toddler bed to his lion chair. Here's a pic of the beloved lion chair:
EVERY night I tuck Liam into his bed, turn on the fan, and turn out the lights. And EVERY night after I leave he immediately pops up, turns on the lights, turns off the fan and crawls up into his lion chair for the night. And surprisingly he sleeps great - 7:30pm to 8:00am (or later) and he's been taking 3 hour naps!! So I'm not messing with his system! When I come into his room in the mornings I say, "Did you sleep in your bed?" and he says very quietly "yes". Then I'll say "or did you sleep in your lion chair?" and he'll smile and say "ine chair".

Liam also has an obsession with fruit snacks or "c-kaks". Sometimes when he gets cranky at the dinner table and wants to get down he'll just start yelling, whining and not using his words. I'll say "Liam, look at Mommy and tell me what you want." And more times than not he'll look at me with a twinkle in his eye, like I just gave him an open invite to ask for anything in the world he wants, and he'll joyfully say "C-KAKS!"

Liam LOVES our dog Lucy or "Cee-dee". He goes in the backyard a couple times a day to "mow grass Cee-dee" (mow the grass with Lucy). And usually I'll go with him in the mornings to scoop the poop out of the backyard. Liam likes to run around with me and help me find the poop. "I FIND IT!", he hollers when he comes across a pile of poop.

Just a few funnies to remember and more to look forward to...

And here's a few pictures from the past week just hanging around the house:
chillin' with dad

Hayden trying out the activity table for the first time

haircut time, manageable when Liam's watching his all-time-fav show, Clifford the Big Red Dog

Hayden's so close to crawling!

Liam sits like I used to as a kid

Hayden's face after trying green peas for the first time...not her fav

Oh these funny kids! Make me laugh every day! :) And I have to announce that Hayden is officially sleeping through the night! 7pm to 7am! Yay Hayden!!! I love my life!

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  1. Miss you guys! Love hearing your stories. Love, Jenni