Wednesday, July 29, 2009

healthy babies

Today Hayden had her 6 month check-up and she's healthy as a horse! Well, a miniature horse. She's in the 25th percentile for weight and height, weighing 14 lb. 8 oz. and measuring 25.4 inches. She's petite but the doctor said she's growing just fine. Physically she and Liam are totally different babies! At 6 months Liam was in the 90th percentile, weighed 17 lb. 11 oz., and measured 26.5 inches! I went back and looked at some of Liam's pics when he was Hayden's age. Kinda cool to look at both of them both side by side. Here's a few:
Liam, newborn
Hayden, newborn

Liam, 3 mon.
Hayden, 3 mon.

Liam, 6 mon.
Hayden, 6 mon.

I love these babies! They favor each other but they are definitely their own little people.

I really like the new pediatrician that we saw today. Our pediatrician back in Little Rock was a younger woman so with her it was like talking from one mom to another. I really liked her and was so sad to have to leave her. Our new pediatrician here is an older man and talking with him feels more like father/daughter. He's very gentle and personable, and I feel great about taking the kids to him. I went by myself with both kids this afternoon and it was a little wild! Liam had his two-year-old check-up before we moved so only Hayden was actually seeing the doctor today. I went armed with trail mix, milk and toys for Liam and he did pretty good while Hayden was being seen. And you can't ask for better health care than at Mayo Clinic! It is a well-oiled machine! I feel so fortunate to have this kind of care for our family for the next several years.

God has blessed us with two healthy babies and I will continue to thank and praise him for that! Here are few pics that we took this past week:
yea!! daddy was home half of saturday and all day sunday! we were lovin' life!!

we went to saturday night church and afterwards there was dinner and games for the kids

Liam of course was not scared of the big honkin' slide!

Hayden was totally zoned out. She's not really into partying past bedtime yet.

when i took this pic Liam was saying "tall like Sansom"

a typical afternoon lately - popsicles and sidewalk chalk

sweet little 6 mon. old girl


Hayden looks like she's been captured by the Mad-Laughing Liam - Yah ha ha ha ha!

little baller

where did he get his mad skills?

precious profile

Tonight Will got off early and took our little fam to Culver's for dinner. Culver's is famous for butter burgers and frozen custard concretes...yes please. It was D-licious. Will set his coke next to Hayden and she knocked it over everywhere. Liam dissected his corn-dog to find the "sausage" that was "hiding" then dumped his melted ice-cream on Will's shoes. And I ate a butter burger in record time so we could get the kids home to bed. I always feel like I'm in one of those ESPN eating contests when I go out to eat with my kids - stuffing my face as fast as I can, food and drinks flying everywhere as we all cheer each other on to EAT! These are glorious days!! Now I need to roll myself to bed!


  1. Alisa,
    I love hearing stories about your sweet family. You are a writer! These really are glorious days...savor them! Love you.

  2. Looks like you all had a very exciting weekend! My mom gave me your site! I have enjoyed getting up-to-date about your new life! Hope everything is going well!

  3. So precious! :-)