Sunday, July 12, 2009

sleeping with a man

There's a man in my life. He's completely handsome and totally in love with me. He comes to my house late at night. We sleep together and he's gone in the morning before I wake up. Sounds mysteriously romantic doesn't it. Well...the man is Will. And this is a completely accurate description of our interaction with each other this week. He's working so hard and he actually got to do almost a whole brain surgery this week! It's so crazy that he's doing this! He made the incision, drilled through the bone, cut all the way through the tissue and brain down to the tumor. Then the other dr. with him actually removed the tumor and Will closed up the incision. I mean seriously?! Will is doing this!! I wish I could see him do it!

The kids and I have had a really good week! I joined a Bible study for residents' wives that are new to Rochester, and it started this week. It's Tuesday mornings and there is childcare - oh yes. I'm really excited about it and I think there are definitely some girls in there that I can be friends with. On Wednesday we met a resident's wife and her little girl at a toy store that has weekly story time. The important thing to Liam is that they hand out balloons at the end of story time - can't beat that! Then we went with them to McDonalds for lunch. It was a fun morning. On Thursday we packed a picnic and went downtown to Kutzky park to meet up with a play group that meets every Thursday called Toddler Time. It's a bunch of resident spouses and their kids. I think we are going to try to meet up with them weekly. So I feel like we're starting to get things on our calendar that will give us a rhythm to our week, things to get up and get ready for and get us out of the house. Hallelujah thank you Jesus! Here's some pics of the kiddos hanging around the house:

just a normal day - wearing floaties, singing a song

This weed eater is Liam's prize 2nd b-day gift. Lucy chewed it up shortly after we moved (see how it's broken in half...can't stand that dog) but he still drags it around and cuts the weeds. Nothing will keep him from his precious weed eater.

big girl standing up

don't have a pic of it, but this week Hayden has been rocking back and forth on her hands and knees. Liam crawled at 5 1/2 months and I think she may keep up with him!

Then finally Thursday evening the time had come...MY MOM ARRIVED !!!! We were so excited to pick her up from the airport! On our way home we swung by Chipotle and got big honkin' burritos for dinner. Yes please. Love me some Chipotle. Then we put the kids to bed and sat on the couch and visited. We had a few windows open and Mom couldn't believe how cool it was in July! The evenings really are nice and cool here right now.

Friday morning we just hung out with Nini at home, showing her all the things we like to do around the house - read books, watched Clifford, played with daddy's golf balls, mowed the grass - the usual. Then in the afternoon we met up with a new friend of mine, Mary Beth Hoover, and her son at a park. Mary Beth's husband is a resident with Will and we've hung out with them a few times. Friday night mom and I took the kids out for ice cream at Culver's - an awesome frozen custard place entirely too close to my house. Will and I have been hooked since we got here and I think Mom has joined the club.

Saturday morning, Mom and I packed a picnic lunch and took the kids out to a park. There are so many great parks here and I'm trying to take Mom to several of them. Saturday night Mom kept the kids and Will and I had a hot date. It had been too long! It was so great. We had dinner at a restaurant on a lake, walked around the mall, had coffee and dessert, went to Wal-Mart. The main thing was that we spent time together and just talked! We talked about his job and my days at home with the kids and how we're feeling about Rochester and our house and looking for a church. The consensus is that we're happy here and this is going to be a great 7 years for our family! We love our house, Will is feeling more and more confident at work, my days with the kids are getting better and better and the hunt for a church home continues.

Will was home all day today! WOO HOO! We went to church, took naps, grilled chicken and pineapple for dinner, and played outside with the neighbor kids before bedtime. Will is at the hospital all night taking call for the first time. I guess I won't be sleeping with a man tonight...

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