Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nini, Pa and a new couch

My parents have officially been introduced to Rochester, Minnesota! (remember, that's where i live.) We had such a great time with them here! We had a couple of days with temps in the 50s. Memo to's JULY!

Mom and Dad standing in front of Mayo Clinic with the kids

Mom was here for the whole week, and Dad drove in on Thursday for a long weekend. Liam took full advantage of them both! "Nini read", "Nini play toys", "Nini popsicle". Then "Pa read", "Pa play toys", "Pa mow grass", etc., etc., etc. And that started about 5:45 every morning. I don't know what the deal was, but he was waking up so early while they were here! The guest room is downstairs near Liam's room so Mom would get up with him when she heard him hollering for her. Mom, very concerned, asked me "Oh, who's going to get him at 5:45 in the morning when I'm not here?" and I said, "uh, pretty much, no one." Tomorrow morning, I will get Liam at 7. It's back to the real world with his mean ol' momma! Here's some photos of our week together:

at the pool on one of the few warm days we had this week

Will was post-call and got to come with us!

sharing trail mix with daddy, Liam's not a fan of the peanuts

Yeah, Pa is here! Reading the story of Samson or "Sansom" for the 100th time

picnic at park on Pa's first day in town

Hayden sitting up so big! 5 1/2 months - officially mastered sitting up

Liam climbing the ladder all by himself

Pa loves this baby girl

beautiful day at the park

Thursdays on 1st, walking around downtown

family pic, waiting for the band to play

Liam bustin' a sweet dance move

a little sidewalk chalk action on our driveway

Liam showing me his chalky hands

Hayden trying to avoid the cold July winds...i think that's an oxymoron

mowing grass with Pa

Pa and Nini, we had so much fun! Mom, despite what you may think I was NOT worn out when you left! I loved cooking for you and spending my days with you...even if we didn't actually "accomplish" much! (We had plans to do great things on the house but did a lot more playing than accomplishing!) We miss you already and love you so much!

In other news, we bought a new couch and it was delivered on Friday! Woo hoo! It's awesome! It is our first big furniture purchase since we've been married. And it's actually a sectional with an ottoman.
Will looks like he's modeling his legs, but he's actually just studying

my cute new Pier One pillows...and my cute husband

And I have to show this picture, mostly for my mother-in-law. I know Sandy wants to picture what her doctor son looks like when he's at work everyday so here he is!

I told Will to pose. I guess this is his super doctor pose. You know he is an official doctor because he's wearing a LONG white coat. Medical students wear short white coats. Also, you know he's a first year resident because he has a neuro-surgery handbook in his right pocket. I tease him about telling his patients to hold on a minute while he looks up their symptoms in his handbook (he doesn't actually do that...i don't think). But I think he looks pretty official and definitely good-looking. Hands off nurses!!! Dr. Copeland is a one-woman man!!

I talked to my dear dear friend Lexia on the phone for a while today. I miss her so much! I told Will on our date last week that one of the hardest parts of moving away has been leaving her. We spent almost everyday together in LR! I don't know if I will find another friend like her here. And our boys loved each other too. Yesterday after dinner we went to get ice-cream and I asked Liam who he wanted to come with us. He said Gus. I wish he could have! We are planning to see them in Amarillo around Thanksgiving. Seems a long way off...

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  1. i'm glad he's still wearing those crocs!