Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ladies lunch kicked my tail

We have been visiting a community church that is close to our house. A girl that I met there had a lunch at her house for several of the Mayo wives today. I think it was mainly an opportunity for me and another new girl to meet some other Mayo wives at the church. I really appreciated her reaching out to me, inviting me over, introducing me to some new people. But I have to say, once I got there I was ready for it to just be over!

It literally took me all morning long to prepare for the lunch. The lunch was at noon, right at Liam and Hayden's naptime, so I put Hayden down for her morning nap later in hopes that she would be able to take her noon nap later. Then I spent the morning making fruit dip and fruit kebabs for the lunch, getting myself showered and ready, getting the kids cleaned and dressed, packing a lunch for the kids, packing a diaper bag, writing down directions, nursing Hayden, and the constant task of occupying Liam while trying to do all of this. And even though I was working towards getting out the door on time all morning long I was still late.

So when I finally got there at 12:15 and hauled the kids, the diaper bag, the food and Hayden's bumbo in the door, I was drained. And I was the only one late! Someone told me that Minnesotans are on-time people. I'm at serious risk of having no friends if that is the case. There were a couple of older kids that were going to watch the younger kids while the moms ate. So I got Liam and Hayden settled eating lunch with the other kids and finally sat down with the other moms, who were already half way done with their lunch. Did I mention that I had worked up a major sweat from all the hard labor? Yep it was really cute.

Speaking of cute, I was slightly over-dressed. I was thinking, ok a ladies lunch, i will get out of my every-day mom clothes and try to look cute, not dressed up, but cute. I had on jeans, a cute shirt, heals, a little bit of jewelry. Pretty much everyone else was in capri pants and flip flops. Not that big of a deal I guess, but makes you a little self-conscious in a group of new people. And it was one of those days when I just felt off. I couldn't think of interesting things to make conversation about! I was going, come on alisa, talk about something besides the weather! I don't know, I just couldn't pull it together today.

On the positive side, the kids did great. There were no meltdowns and we were able to stay for the whole lunch. We headed home around 1:30 (with my fruit kebabs that no one really ate). I got the kids in their beds and they both slept for 2 hours. And I sat on my new couch thinking...those ladies probably think that I'm a socially-awkward resident's wife with a sweat problem who shows up late to things because i'm too busy picking out what high heals to wear. Oh well, I guess. Just one of those days.

As much work as my two precious kiddos are, I love them more than I can describe, and I look forward to my days with them. Here's a sweet pic I took of Hayden today. I can't believe she's almost 6 months old!
Tomorrow I'm going over to a girl's house from my Tuesday Bible study for a playdate. She lives close by and has two boys that are 3 and 1. Should be a much easier morning!


  1. That was a sad blog...
    I would've eaten your fruit kabobs AND been shocked that you were only 15 minutes late :) Don't those Minnesota people know you and Will run on Copeland time?

  2. I love looking at your blog! My mom sent it to me! You all are such a cute family!!! Love your pictures!