Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm baaaaaaack...

After a nearly 2 month furlough, I have returned to the blogging world. We took a trip to Amarillo, TX in August and it totally broke my blogging momentum. But I'm back and need the therapy of typing my life and emotions.

The camera is still broken. You'd think it wouldn't be that hard to just take it in and get it fixed, but in my world that is so much easier said than done. It requires me loading up and hauling around two awesome little kids at some time when I can rely on both of them to be patient and happy while I wait for the Best Buy dude to inspect my bugger of a camera. And pretty much, I have a long list of such tasks that I will tackle...I'm not sure when. Actually...I will tackle it when my in-laws come to visit on Saturday! Will's parents will be here Sat. through Thur. and we are so excited! I love having visitors on my calendar to look forward to. And we are missing family!

Here's a few pics from our Amarillo trip in August (from Sandy's camera). We had an awesome time. Thank you Grandma and Grandad for having us!

The Copeland Boys - Billy, Will, Liam and Ellis

Cool chicks, Sandy and Hayden

no fear

little fish

grandmas loving on the grandkids

Our dear friends Lexia, Nola, and Gus - oh we miss them!!!

Liam is STILL talking about mowing grass with Grandad

Brothers changing diapers - i think it was Ellis' first diaper change

me and my girl

daddy and daughter

I was spurred on to pick blogging back up because Will has started taking over-night call - meaning he went in today at 6 am and gets off tomorrow at noon. So these long nights at home by myself is a perfect time to blog. Will is still really enjoying work and is doing a rotation in the ICU for the next 3 months. The schedule is actually really good. He goes in at 6 and is home for dinner at 5:30. Then he takes call every fifth night and gets a day off post call. So we are going to have him home way more through the holiday months. Love it!

Here's the scoop on our household right now: poop, poop, and more poop. Actually, I've had to clean up so much of it lately that I would rather use another word for poop. Liam Copeland will NOT keep his diaper on! When this saga began, I walked into his room one morning and and he was standing there buck naked with his full poopy diaper lying on the floor and tread marks of poop on his bed, his car chair, his carpet, his blanket. i mean, seriously? So I gave him a very serious lecture about not stripping, especially if he's shooey, as we like to call it. Next thing I know, 6 hours later at nap time the scenario repeats itself (this time just pee). But after a 2nd morning of poop from floor to ceiling we have resorted to wrapping him with duct tape. And so far it's working. When I tell Liam it's time to get ready for bed he says "I don't want tape". Sorry buddy.

Last night Will, Liam and I had a drawing contest. We all drew trucks - Daddy won. We all drew cats - Mommy won. We all drew flowers - it was a tie. So we drew pictures of Hayden to break the tie. Daddy won. He drew a little round head with tears running down her face and the word 'barf' coming out of her mouth. And that pretty much describes Hayden lately. She's been fussy and she spits up massively all the time. But she's still the sweetest baby girl in the world.

Story of the week: On Friday mornings I'm part of a medical spouses Bible study called Side By Side. This past Friday I was in charge of bringing breakfast for my small group. So I was rushing around the house trying to get the food ready, the kids dressed, my make-up on, etc. I ran out to the garage to let Lucy out to pee. Liam was fiddling around with the door and then followed me out. We turned around to go back inside and the door was locked! Hayden was inside in her exer-saucer, contained luckily, but it only took about 30 seconds for her to work up a real good cry. I grabbed Liam and ran across the street to the neighbors' house to call Will. The neighbors, by the way, had just moved in 2 days ago and I hadn't even met them yet, but they were the only people with cars in the driveway. I was in my tank top and pj pants (no undergarments might i add) and it was in the low 40s and sprinkling that morning. Glorious. Will was able to get away and got there in about 20 minutes. I was upset though and I told Liam not to ever mess with the locks on the doors again. He looked up at me and in the sweetest voice you ever heard said, "I'm sorry mommy".

And a Copeland story continues...


  1. girl! i am so glad to know you have a blog! i'm officially following you so i know what's going on in your life. i'm so happy to see your precious children and i hope you like it up there! love you all! abs

  2. Alisa! I'm so glad to discover your blog, too! I enjoy blogging, and keeping up w/friends and fam this way. You guys are a riot! I love the duct tape!! :)

  3. The duct tape story takes the cake Alisa! PRICELESS! The stories you will have to tell that boy when he gets older!!

  4. I'm so glad you're back! Your blog is one of my favs! It was fun seeing you and your sweet kids on Scype...Love you!

  5. Alisa,
    I laughed out loud at "I don't want tape." SO FUNNY!! I can't believe how he's talking so much like a big boy, or as Sam would say, a bida boy.
    I want to squeeze that baby Hayden's sweet skinny little face! Love that girl!
    I miss you!