Monday, October 26, 2009

snow fun

The day after the big snow Liam and I woke up and decided that we better get out and try out his new snow boots. So we put all our winter gear on and trecked out to the back yard. We started to build our first Minnesota snow man, but our cute little Old Navy mittens just weren't cuttin' it so we gave it up and went inside for hot chocolate and rice krispie treats. That's the best part of cold weather anyway - going outside just long enough to get a chill so you can come in for a hot little treat. :)
Liam's new boots

Hayden's new boots

Liam's all about snowballs

Hayden wearing one of Liam's old snowsuits - not a fan of the suit or the snow

after-snow treats

sweet little snow bunny

The snow has all melted and the temps are back up in the 40s. But after a taste of the snow to come I realize that we are not prepared for the winter ahead! We've got to stock up on long underwear, better mittens, and THICK socks! And of course more hot chocolate!


  1. Well said! Love it, Alisa. :)

  2. Hayden is so beautiful! And I can't believe how much Liam is growing up! I guess it's been longer since we've seen you than I realized. I'm really glad you're blogging so I can keep up with you guys ;)