Thursday, October 22, 2009

potty training

Oh Liam Liam Liam. Part boy, part baboon. He's 28 months and as I've mentioned before, he's been taking his diaper off and basically slinging poop around his room (baboon). So I felt forced to begin the dreaded potty training. It's not that I don't WANT him to put his bodily waste down the toilet - i completely do - i just want to skip the whole training part. So last Friday I put Hayden in daycare and Liam and I had the BIG DAY. We put away the diapers and brought out the big boy underwear! No going back!

We spent the day learning how to use the potty. I bought the book "Potty training in one day" - Dr. Phil endorsed ya know - and pretty much followed it. Part of the plan is having a doll that drinks and pees so that your child can help you teach the doll how to go potty and then learn with the doll. Liam got totally into that.

His doll, Potty Scotty, would have a drink, pee in the potty and get an M&M. So then Liam would have a drink, pee in the potty, and get an M&M - piece of cake. Then Scotty had a drink and peed his pants and Liam quickly realized that it wasn't supposed to work that way. So we made Scotty practice going back and forth to the potty so he would remember next time to go pee in the potty, not in his underwear. Later on in the day Liam had an accident. I reminded him that, like Scotty, he needed to practice so that he would remember to pee in the potty next time. I made him practice ten times. The first couple of times he was like, la la la this is fun. Then by the third, fourth and fifth time he was really not happy and the last five times he was melting down because "i just want to pway (play)!" So during awake hours at home he has hardly had any accidents because he thinks all of that practicing is for the birds. But then naptime comes and my little baboon emerges.

The first day he laid down for his nap and woke up 2 hours later dry. I was thinking, wow my son is basically a prodigy - and thank you dr. phil for this oh so simple program. The next day he even had a big poop in the potty before nap time. Boy did we celebrate - first poop in the potty!! But the past few days have been down right dirty. I walk into his room greeted by turds and tread marks and Liam saying "look mommy look". yes, thank you, merry christmas to me.

See, when it's naptime or bedtime, he's closed in his room so he doesn't have access to a bathroom. So one day I decided to put his little blue potty down in his room so that he could use it if the earth moved during naptime. Nope, still took a big dump on the floor. I went in, cleaned it up, put him back in his bed (he hadn't actually gone to sleep yet). Went to check on him a few minutes later and he had then decided to pee in his little blue potty and then sit down next to it and stick his feet in the pee. Little blue potty in his room - bad idea.

So then today i tried and tried to get him to get everything out before he laid down for his nap. But he realizes that the more he says "i need to go pee pee" the longer it puts off his nap. little stinker. he wouldn't go so i just put him to bed. I go to check on him a few minutes later - he's standing there next to his poop on the floor holding up one finger - "i needa wash my hands", he says. Lord, grant me patience. Lord, grant me patience. Lord, grant me patience.

I've decided now that I need to try leaving the door from his room into the bathroom open. I think he needs the option to use the potty during naptime. It makes me nervous for Liam to have that kind of freedom. I’m envisioning a flooded bathroom and a sewage explosion. I'm sure more stories are ahead.

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