Friday, October 23, 2009

is this a joke?

Today is October 23rd. It snowed and snowed and snowed. Full out winter. Here's the view from my deck.

There is snow covering our pumpkins on the front porch. I've prayed today, "Is this a joke, Lord?" I know this is going to sound crazy, but I feel overwhelmed. I never thought I was the kind of person whose mood could be affected much by the weather. But we've been talking about the weather that we will face in Minnesota since we matched in March and now it's here. No more just talking about it. It is now my REALITY and I'm anxious. Winter. 6 months of winter - from now until March. Real winter where school will be cancelled for a few days in February, not because the roads aren't drivable but because kids could get frost bight if they walk to the bus stop, so I'm told. Frost bight? Doesn't that happen to people who climb Mt. Everest or live in Antarctica?

Will texted me today, "Isn't this awesome?" "," I thought, because I had just gotten in from Bible study and then lunch - carrying two bundled up kids back and forth through the parking lot in the snow. I'm slightly embarrassed too because if any Minnesotans read this they will think I'm a huge wimp. And I guess today really wasn't bad. It's just the anticipation of more and more and more to come. Tonight after dinner we took the kids to Target and bought them their first snow boots. Liam was so excited. And it gave me a little boost too. We are going to figure this winter thing out - how to dress, how to get around, fun things to do.

I know this: God has taken me out of my comfort zone. Couldn't we have matched in Florida? Doesn't He know I'm a beach, warm-weather kind of girl? And here I am in Minnesota for 7 years. No doubt, this will make me stronger. "For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord..." Jeremiah 29:11

I came across these pictures that Will took about a month ago at our neighborhood park. We didn't realize it, but these were some of our last warm days for a while...

sweet Hayden, 8 months old
(by the way, she started cruising around her activity table this week and even stood alone for a few seconds!)

Potty training update:
We had lunch at a new friend's house from my Bible study. Liam took his pants and underwear off and pooped in the middle of the floor. I wonder if she'll invite us back...

At naptime today, it didn't help for me to leave the door from his bedroom into the bathroom open. He still pooped on the floor. So I went in there, cleaned up, put a pull-up on him and then put a pair of his footsy pajamas on him backwards. He couldn't get to the zipper on his back which meant no stripping down and no playing his favorite games - Human Sprinkler or Crazy Baboon. Oh boy, he did not like it. It's like his own personal straight jacket. He kept saying, "it's the wrong foot."

I do have to brag on him though. When it comes to peeing in the potty, Liam's got it down. I hardly have to remind him. He initiates consistently when he has to go potty. And when we went to Bible study today he stayed dry. He wouldn't pee with his teacher, but he held it in until I picked him up and then peed in the potty. Now if we can just figure out this poop thing...


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing your potty training experience. It brings back not-too-distant memories. I'm not looking forward to doint it again. I totally understand about the weather. I would be overwhelmed too.

  2. Came across your blog...had no idea you were in Minnesota, and I had no idea you have another kiddo! And it sounds like Hayden and Jasper are about a month apart. Your babies are precious.

    And I don't think you're a wuss about the weather at all. I'm pretty sure I'd be freaking out. I think you're amazing and so brave for following your hubby all the way across America! God will bless you for it.

    And also, on the potty training, Bennett's big issue was poop too, although he didn't fling it, and didn't want it to land on the floor...have you tried letting him run around naked and following him around, then putting him on the potty as soon as he needs to go? It worked with Bennett (after doing it 3-4 times), but he was a bit different with it all anyway - just thought I'd offer! Good luck! The only reason B is trained is because he wanted to be - we just got lucky. These crazy kids have minds that are all their own.

  3. My favorite thing about your posts is that I can actually HEAR you telling the story. I can hear you asking God for patience, I can hear you dreading about this crazy cold and snowy winter ahead of us (my voice echoing in total agreement, by the way). So, aside from the highly entertaining content of your posts, this is my favorite part! Good stuff Girl!

  4. I am laughing to hard at your rendition of the potty/poop/baboon experience you're having with Liam that I might just actually poop in my own pants. HILARIOUS. Keep it coming -- no more 2 month breaks okay??