Wednesday, January 13, 2010

december in a nutshell

speaking of nutshells...we had a bowl of uncracked nuts that sat out for people to munch on over the holidays. liam was fascinated. not sure i'll do it next year because multiple times everyday liam would say "let's crack nuts."

so this is what went down in december...
we bought these super cool minnesota-ish hats
and then got dumped on with snow!
the lovely driveway and sidewalk that Will shoveled - can't appreciate it til you've done it.
NOT an easy task!
going for a sled down the hill in our backyard

Will and I celebrated our 6th anniversary! We stayed at home with our sleeping kids, ate homemade cheesecake and watched the Survivor finale. This year we looked back and thought, wow, how far we've come! It's been a big year - had our second baby, graduated medical school, bought our first house, bought a mini-van, moved to minnesota and started a new job. And we both said if we could pick all over again we'd still pick each other!

Will was on call the 25th so on the 22nd we had an early little family christmas just the 4 of us. We had a picnic under the tree and then exchanged gifts.
We gave Liam a train table - which he was absolutely ecstatic about. (he found it by the way, hidden in Will's closet a couple weeks before christmas. i was in the kitchen and he came running in with this look on his face like he'd just seen the risen Lord. I told him that whatever he saw was a special surprise that he was going to have to wait for and surprisingly he settled for that answer.) Hayden got a pop-up toy and was preciously excited about it. Will and the kids got me a new watch, and me and the kids gave Will a pair of jeans and some grip strengthener thingys. Liam gave Hayden a new purse, and Hayden gave Liam a thomas train. It was a fun sweet little night. i love our little family and cherish memories like that.

Then the grand finale of December was all of my fam coming up to Rochester for the last week of December - my parents, my sister Jenni, and her hubby Nathan and two kids Sam and Ruby, and my brother Charles. We had fun and we also had some not-fun. My dad, Jenni, Sam, Ruby and Charles all got sick - puking and diarrhea. UGH! But in spite of that it was still so good to all be together!
reading with Nini

sledding with Pa
Sam and Liam
Hayden and Ruby
Jenni and Sam at Mall of America
Nathan, Charles and Willy
decorating christmas cookies
Pa and the girls
the whole gang

We had a white Christmas, took a day trip to the mall of america, ate a lot, played a lot, some people puked a lot, and rang in the new year together!

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