Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pops, Sandy and Ellis are here!

Will's parents and brother flew in yesterday to spend the week with us. We are SO happy to have them here! I love having things on my calendar to countdown to and we have been counting down to their arrival since the new year. Yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening at the Mall of America. Then today we celebrated Christmas together. I had kept out a small Christmas tree so it would still feel like Christmas. Pops and Sandy gave Liam a toy fishing pole and Hayden a baby doll. We ate a big meal and we also had birthday cake to celebrate Sandy's birthday from last week.
the fam

sandy, hayden and her baby doll

liam's fishing pole (and hayden trying to snag his fish)

happy bday sandy!

We're looking forward to a fun week with Billy, Sandy and Ellis. We are going to try to take them snowshoeing sometime if the weather cooperates. Then on Saturday the kids and I are flying back to Little Rock with them. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! My first trip home since we have moved! I made it 8 months. pretty good, right? I am so excited to see friends and fam and eat at Chic-fil-a!! There are people here in rochester who haven't even heard of chic-fil-a! crazy. ohhh i can just taste the chicken now...


  1. Alisa, I am so impressed with your stamina and vigor. You always sound so upbeat. I realize that some days must feel lonely up there. Good for you for getting to go home! May God reward you for your bravery. ;)

  2. I love how no matter what you are doing, Liam has a huge smile on his face. What a cutie! It seems like in most of the pictures of my kids, they quit smiling as soon as the camera comes out. I will point out that one of the only pictures where Liam ISN'T smiling is the one where you made him take a picture with the whole fam in his Minnesota hat...HaHaHa!! Caption for that pic--"Are we seriously taking this picture?" It's a great one...good memories in years to come. Love you!

  3. Hurray that you're coming to Little Rock! Can we play? Can we eat Chik Fil A?