Wednesday, January 27, 2010

one year old girl

One year ago today we were holding baby girl Hayden Alisa in our arms for the first time! A little reminiscing...we spent the day walking the mall to get contractions going after my water had broken that morning. Finally contractions started, and we checked into the hospital at 6:45 that night. Less than an hour later, at 7:33, with her daddy there to catch her, she was born! It was the best day! There's nothing like a a sweet baby girl.
And now one year later, we're so glad God gave her to us!!
She is an easy-going and snuggley little girl. She loves fruit and graham crackers and chomps them down with her 8 little teeth. She likes to play with her brother's cars and tools and has learned to be tough with a big brother like Liam. When her daddy and brother are wrestling she likes to walk right in the middle of the action. To balance out her toughness she's a little tiny peanut, short and small. She likes her baby dolls that she got for Christmas from her grandparents and can say "baby". Her other words are "momma" "daddy" "bow-wow-wow", and "uh-oh". She's pretty attached to her paci and is a great sleeper, 12-13 hours at night and two 1.5 to 2.5 hour naps a day. I said it when Liam turned one and i'm saying it again now: i don't want my baby to grow up yet! But i know it's inevitable and i'm just thankful that i get to witness it.

Both my babies at one year old:



Will was on call today so we had a little celebration for Hayden last night. We ate pizza, watched a little picture video of Hayden's first year, opened presents (we got her a See-n-Say) and then dug into the birthday cake. Great little party!
Hayden in her party dress from Sandy and Pops

reading her card

new clothes from Uncle Ellis

tasting her strawberry cake with pink vanilla frosting

on a sugar high
Here's a few other pics from today.
having a morning tea party with her birthday tea set from Pops and Sandy

Liam bringing his southern charm to the tea party

Hayden saying "ahhhh" as she loves her baby...precious

supper with daddy at the hospital

Happy 1st Birthday Hayden Alisa! We love you SO much!

My mind is also on our dear friends Zeke and Laura who just had their first baby on Saturday. Welcome to the world little Evie Lynn! So much to look forward to!


  1. happy birthday to that sweet little girl! i'm looking forward to seeing you at rach's wedding in may!

  2. Sweet brown-eyed baby! Love that girl! Happy Birthday, Hayden! Aunt Jenni loves you! should have shown a picture of Liam's organic carrot/applesauce cake next to Hayden's yummy sugar-filled deliciousness. Of course, she needs all the calories she can get! Sweet little peanut!

  3. Yay!! Happy birthday Hayden! How sweet! I didn't realize that she and Daisy have the same b-day!! :)

  4. So precious! Happy Birthday to Hayden! It looks like you guys are having a blast with your fun company!!