Sunday, February 21, 2010

oh oh oh Little Rock

We spent the first two weeks of February in Little Rock and it was glorious! EXCEPT....there was snow on the ground the whole time!!!! I mean really? I travel across the country to get away from the frozen tundra and LR has the gall to greet me with snow and ice! ahhh! i will say however, the temps were warmer in LR (30s)than in Minnesota (single digits) so we enjoyed that part. Will's fam had been at our house for a week so the kids and I flew down to LR with them. We stayed the first week with my parents and then Will drove down the second week and we stayed with his parents. It was so great to just hang out with family and friends, sleep in a little, not cook, and eat at you know where...CHICK-FIL-A!
chicken biscuits, oh how i've missed you

will dominating his chicken sandwich

we love chicken!

visiting my grandparents (my mom's parents)

visiting Will's grandparents (Will's dad's parents)

The first weekend we were in town I left the hard as it was (smirk)...and took a trip to Memphis with my bff Kristen Davis. Our dear friend Rachel is getting married in May and we were helping throw a lingerie shower for her. Also had an early bridesmaids luncheon. So fun to get away and hang out with close friends. And since I'm a bridesmaid in the wedding that means I will be making the trek back to the south in May! so excited to have another trip on the books!
me and rach
aren't these awesome? the place settings that rachel and her mom and sister made for the bridesmaids luncheon
kristen and I
rachel showing off some of her pretties

I also got to spend a couple of days with my roomies from college - Megan Terry, Leslie Baker and Jennifer Piccino. We had a little slumber party at Jen's house and then lunch and a movie the next day. I've missed them so much and was so excited that Megan and Leslie made the drive from Jonesboro. I love you girls!

There were two highlights of the trip for Liam that he's still talking about. One was going to Chuckie Cheese with my parents while i was gone to Memphis. Sadly i have no pics from that. And the second was riding Pops' four wheeler.

This he will NEVER forget!!

our best attempt at a family photo in the Rock

It was so good to finally come "home" to Little Rock since our big move, and i wasn't ready for our visit to be over! But it was also good for us to go back to Little Rock and realize that our home isn't there anymore. Our cute little house on A St. has been over taken by a bunch of single dudes - where there used to be my living room furniture there is now a ping pong table. Our precious friends on C St., the Hendersons, have moved away and our dear friends from medical school, the Shotts, aren't in LR anymore either. Things have changed and people have moved. And when we got in the van to come back to Rochester, it was the first time that I really felt like "ok, let's go back home", home being Rochester. We have a new life in Rochester - new house, new friends, new activities. It's such a good feeling for it to finally start to fit together and feel like home. Thanks be to God for his provision!


  1. Good for you, Alisa! What a great post. God is obviously working in your life. You're right, life is a moving target it seems, things are constantly changing. Way to embrace it. God bless!

  2. Looks like a fun visit and definitely glad you went "home" and came back "home" so we could see you again! Tell Liam that Luke's 4-wheeler is charging up for the spring! :)Love the Chik-fil-a pics... so funny!

  3. We miss you so much!! I can't believe how much the kids have grown. I still think of them as a toddler and a baby.