Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Snowman

Last year my mom bought this wierd old kids' movie called The Snowman. It's about this boy who makes a snowman (with so much snow in his front yard he must live in Minnesota). The snowman comes to life and does all these fun things with the boy. It ends tragically. Sorry to ruin it for you but...the snowman melts. Anyway, Liam LOVES this movie and always wants to watch it when we go to my parents' house. Given his love for The Snowman, it was high time that he made one of his own. So today we made our first Minnesota snowman!
we named him Joseph

Liam, Joseph and Hayden - Liam was seriously so proud

liam's exact words "i yuhv him"

good times

Hayden watching us crazies

A week or so ago Will was home for the day so we had a snow day. We went sledding down our hill, buried each other in the snow, then came in, ate soup and made snow ice cream. I'd heard of snow cream from several people and decided to try my hand at making it. It's just snow, milk, sugar and vanilla. It was actually really delicious! We were going to end our day with ice skating, but ended up napping late instead - love it.
our first batch of snow cream

liam was a fan

It's really been warming up around here - 20s and 30s and supposed to hit the 40s a couple of days next week. But I've been told that this winter has been mild and to watch out because if the winter "comes in like a lamb" it will go "out like a lion". That little terminology must be a traditional saying around here because I've had a handful of people tell me that. So I'm told to brace myself for a big March snowstorm, and then winter, and our snowman, will finally melt away. And in our story that is a happy ending!


  1. I gotta say, that may be the best snow man I've seen! I guess when you got that much snow, one perk is that it sure does make a good snow man. ;) Snow ice cream sounds delish! Way to make the best of the weather you have.

  2. Love Liam's ear-to-ear smile in all those pics. That kid loves life. Hayden must just live vicariously through Li-man and watch him run around like a wild man. I miss those kids. I know Sam would have loved to be with his "best friend" on snowman day.
    Love you!