Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lexia and Gus

Our dear wonderful friends Lexia and Gus came all the way from Amarillo, TX to visit us this past weekend. It was wonderful! I didn't want it to be over. We laid pretty low in Rochester most of the weekend. Will watched the kids Saturday night and Lexia and I went out for dinner and a movie. In general Will doesn't just love to take care of other people's kids, but he said Saturday night with Gus was super easy. Gus is such a sweet sweet kid - big talker, gentle with Hayden, good sharer and just easy to be around. Oh and totally potty-trained. I was hoping that all of these qualities would rub off on my sweet son. The boys played really well together. Gus was totally game to wrestle with Liam and of course Liam loved it! Liam had his momets with sharing but overall he did good. We have missed them so much! Since we've moved, Liam still brings up Gus on a regular basis. They are such good buddies.

I met Lexia at a mom's Bible study that I joined in Little Rock shortly after I had Liam. We were in the same small group and realized that we lived in the same neighborhood - me on A St. and she on C St.

Lexia had moved from Amarillo for her hubby's residency and mentioned one day in small group that she had been lonely since they moved to LR. I thought she was super sweet and down to earth, and I was in the market for other mom friends so i jumped on that and asked her to come over for a playdate. At the time Liam was 5 months and Gus was 7 months so it was definitely more for our enjoyment than theirs.

We clicked from the beginning and got together at least once a week if not more from that day on. Nearly every weekday morning Liam and I would wake up and try to entertain ourselves at home, but just end up called Lexia and Gus to hang out. I have so many great memories from those almost 2 years that we spent in LR together - mornings at the zoo, lunches at chick-fil-a, girls-night-out at macaroni grill, both of our boys' 1st and 2nd birthdays, and having our baby girls. I actually got to be with Lexia when she gave birth to her daughter Nola.

Lexia's husband Blaine finished his residency at the same time that Will graduated from medical school. So in June she moved back home to Amarillo and I moved far from home to Minnesota. One of the biggest adjustments since the move has been living life without them in our weekly routine! We love them so so much and I know they will be lifelong friends.

Thank you to Blaine for sharing his wife and son for a few days! Thank you Lexia for taking the time and money to make the trek to the north - pregnant and all. You're the best!

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